I was born in Rome, during the autumn of best decade of history: The Eighties. Television, VHS, blockbuster and graphic novel have had a great influence on my artistic bent.

During my studies at school, I decided to take my first steps in the world of work and I approached the world of film and television as it was back then: I learned techniques and tricks, slow-motion replays and RVM, especially relating to analog assembly. For three years I collaborated with numerous film productions (often, unfortunately, in a non-accredited form), and I expanded my portfolio through valuable contacts, acquired by attending the cinefonico setting in the area of Rome known as Cinecittà.

In 2008 my old friend Michele Coppini entrusted to me the editing of his most important film: Welcome to love. Critics noticed and appreciated the pace of editing, so that my work was mentioned in a review which is found on filmup.com. Today,  8 years later, I’m still very proud of that work.

In 2016 I started a collaboration with CMS video, the historic video service in Bologna, property of Mazzanti brothers, and I was involved in the project “Tv without borders” a Metusco Digital Factory project.

And what about tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day and the show has just begun.

Would you like to learn more about me? Sit back on the chair and enjoy those productions: you’ll find a part of me in them.